“Coffee Cups and Fragile Strings” is a collection of poems written in my spare moments… usually with a cup of coffee or a guitar in hand.

The name was taken from a poem I’ve written sometime last year. I love coffee and guitars so I think it characterizes somehow the nature of my poetry. Easy and laidback, though at times random (theme-wise). Also, I kinda like the ring of it.

Some of these poems were written very quickly and “as-is” (almost without any editing to the lines), although some I would ponder on for hours just to perfect, especially the structured ones.

Well, this is my collection. Read on, write on…

“Coffee cups and fragile strings
Among a smorgasbord of things
Bring accents to a deadened room
Usurping then the gloom…”

I wouldn’t know why you would care about my personal blog much less my personal life but if ever you do or you’re just curious, click hurr.


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