The Eighteen.

Posted: April 30, 2011 in Poetry

What lifts your soul, burning
To a passion unscathed;
What brings your ink, summoning life?

Was it grief? Oh, how you describe such
Glorious moment:

The hands bring down a fine missive to describe
Such thing too much of a beauty to see with bare eyes:
Such perfection (and imperfection) of the human mind.

Or maybe heat;
Heat and warmth of the summertime,

The same that gave us life now,
In the warmth of the high-rise sun, my brother,
Do you cry upon the attack?
Does the sunshine not understand,
What it takes, it must give back?
Oppression, this you describe

In a manner as noble as the pen you hold;
Thus the story unfolds,
For us to believe
What matters.

Ah, but logic derives such…
Such views that subside, they say, they say…
But must we deny,
What we can’t quantify?
And how shall we quantify words, then,
and the expression of beauty it displays when
The call of the mind, we need not comprehend,
As the call of the heart, we need to attend?

We may say “Call, my only dear,” yet who hears?
This is oneness, this is true;
This might be loneliness to you…
But think not, that you’re the only one; I suffer too.

Although, as you lay bare your soul,
You bare your soul as true,
With none pretending,

So I’ll never feel as blue.

For the heat of the sun may be drastic,
But it brings a clearer day!

Where we can see beyond the shadows
That may even pass our way:
Walk with me, for i do want to see
Not only perfect roads

(They’re boring).

Maybe we shall find what we need; that drive,
Or maybe not…
Maybe we smiled, maybe we leapt,
But who cares, as long as we jumped and leapt

And through this we shall search for that one thing left,
The thing bringing joy just for us as we wept;

That ambrosia that fuels emotions inside,
As we try hard to fight the greed;
For any more, we could be gods.

What lifts your soul burning,
What helps you write, writer?

The world clearly made way,
Awaiting perfect days
from thou…
What drives you, dear writer,
Such admonitions, would you allow?


Kind of an entry-comment combo for a poetry blog. Links in the poem itself are my comments/feelings toward eighteen poets/posts (from this list) I chose to comment to.

  1. Jingle says:

    Hello, welcome..we are closed, I placed your entry in entry #201, because a poet submitted extra entry at the spot, thus you are in…

    Please let me know after you are done 18 commenting, you may wish to start from the latest entries, because they have the least number of comments…

    have fun.
    Glad to have you.

    also, send an email to ppromisingpoets@gmail after you are done so that I know your email and keep you updated about our next rally.

  2. Jingle says:

    elegant imagery, you have such rich and beautiful imaginations.

    keep it up.

  3. jennirey says:

    Oh My I am honored what a tremendous honor you have bestowed on me.. I love your poem and am so tickled to death that you link to my work in it.. You Are brilliant..

  4. Lu Ann says:

    Wow! A very interesting post with the links and all… It is great :) Loved the writing and Im still wondering: What drives me?

    Happy Rally!

    Lu Ann

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